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at&t is the largest union employer in america. almost 140,000 orf our allowed men and women people of color to raise the living standards. unfortunately, part of the which telecom the union is on the board, they have fear among workers who want implementation. in the acquisition -- the fear that has been promoted over the last companies, when at&t has met other acquisitions. >> what is the position on this proposal? >> we have concerns about this deal. >> they will control more than 80% of the market. we have not seen the sign any other industry. >> that document 80% of the industry in this would be a dominated market. this is something we have to keep in mind. eliminating one competitor elements choice. this will lead to an increase in prices for all consumers. there is also going to be an effect on innovation. if you do not have a competitor there is little incentive to innovate within the network. they are using mobile wireless for communications, businesses, and more people are relying on the broad than market, whether this is economic reasons. and whether there is a combined e
it here in the form of dividends to shareholders than held offshore and never use in america. >> congressman greg walden. thank you. >> sunday on "washington journal," laura meckler discusses a bill to fund the federal government through september. and the cato institute on cutting foreign aid during the economic downturn. and michael doonan talks about the struggles of his state's health program. "washington journal" at 7:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span. >> the ninth circuit court of appeals heard an oral argument on wednesday on a challenge to an organization's designation as a terrorist group. they will decide if the al haramain islamic foundation was denied due process when the government withheld information and evidence to justify its designation. a lower court that the labeling of the group as a terrorist organization. but found that officials violated the group's writes by failing to provide -- rights by failing to provide notice about the designation. this is one hour, 15 minutes. >> we will take a brief recess and hear the remainder of the calendar. nice to see both
it wouldn't change america, i'm concerned that it has. you represent 50,000 well-meaning people. i debate well-trained because your rnover is still pretty darn high and it's hard to have that many new people and say they are well-trained. every time i go through security i see training. that's a good thing, but i see the need for training every time i go through. let me give you something other than full body scanner for relief. i fly more than 40 round trips a year plus overseas trip. for more than six years i carried in my carry on bag gouge and every flight a pair of folding scissors. that pair of scissors was taken away two weeks ago. that pair of folding scissors, if you open them up has one inch of blade times two, and it's overall length is two inches. i have researched and can want find a basis for taking that away. do you have an explanation for that kind of subjectivity? were they wrong -- 40 times two is 80. you know, 320 times they were wrong, or right one time? >> we did an analysis on the prohibited items list on november 2005, that time frame with a risk-based analysis. >>
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3